Beacons have been taking the world of mobile by storm, having the potential to revolutionize the entire retail experience. The technology is complementing the whole mobile - shopping puzzle with overcoming a major difficulty in any mobile shopping technology - mobile consumers don’t have to do anything, only agree in advance to receive messages as they shop. 

For the retailers’ advantages, understanding the benefits Beacons can create has a much bigger importance in implementing beaconing than just installing them. The overall shopping experience, the big data beacons are able to provide businesses with, has been provoking various retailers such as Timberland, Kenneth Cole; hoteliers like Marriott, to spend months experimenting and learning the usage and advantages they are able to receive from the Beacon technology.

Businesses have a direct way to achieve big data now about their customers. They are able to find out what their visitors are doing, what they are looking at, where in the store they are located. Integrating a customer’s social media profiles with the loyalty programs in-store, retailers can drive customized offers that are difficult to ignore. As an example, think of a customer that just walked into a retail store whose fixation is Chanel bags. The retailer could immediately make use of the opportunity by sending a message with 15% off on Chanel bags to the customer. This way retailers are able to do both: identify the right customer and approach him immediately. 

In addition to the above said, Beacons offer a simplified way to track the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. If earlier, marketers had to conduct focus group surveys to measure the impact of an ad, now beacon management platform offers the possibility of sending opt-in contextual messages and promotions to customers that are located in a specified section in the store. 

As for the customer experience, using Beacon Technology, they can receive coupons, discounts, find and watch videos, all in real time as they walk in the store. Mainly, opening an app that uses Beacon, the customer can easily get directions to the wanted section of the store, find out and benefit of promotions the retailers are offering. Thanks to the way beacons can send personalized messages and deals when entering the store, the customer has a better idea on where to find the desired product, what to buy and how to better take advantage of the coupons and discounts. 

Customers are opened to engage with the retailers and their businesses if it is done right and in a way that can offer them value. Beacons have the potential to create an entirely new shopping experience, bringing benefits for both the retailers and the customers.

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