Pusho Platform

Solution which provides retailers the possibility to share deals, offers and news with customers when being in a shop’s proximity. The application can locate users even if it is running in background, using the Bluetooth low energy.

  • Complex portfolio  
  • Advanced Bluetooth technology
  • Easily installation 
  • Interactive and intuitive
  • Fully Responsive

Merchants can use this platform to sign up and create offers for consumers.

What you get in Pusho Platform?

  • Instant access to Offer Management and beacon configuration tools;
  • Consumers can use the app to receive offers from merchants, and can view contextual offers when their device detects beacon placed in merchant’s locations;
  • Consumers receive discounts, new product promotions and other information to their smartphones;
  • Shoppers can collect points called tokens, which can be gained by users through different types of scenarios;
  • Shoppers will no longer have to carry discount plastic cards or to use promotional flyers;
  • The registration it’s easy, using the email or Facebook account.

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