One Beacon

A universal beacon platform that can make your app quickly interact with any type of Bluetooth Low Energy beacon, using our Android or iOS client libraries.

  • You don't depend on the particular SDK of a hardware manufacturer
  • Attach your own data to every beacon to categorize its purpose and provide back meaningful data to your particular app
  • We use BigData technology to provide you with real-time complex beacon analytics
  • You can use our server-side REST API to automate things like updating beacon meta-data or extracting custom analytics

What you get in OneBeacon?

  • You can attach your own data to any beacon, which will be updated in real-time to all users, making your application fully contextual, by just writing a few lines of code.
  • Stable library available for anyone to develop their own applications.
  • Developer cloud console available for developers to add meta-data to beacons, create applications, and see analytics about beacons detected or detached to their app.
  • Unique features are supported by the fact that OneBeacon is: universal - it's not tied or locked-in to a specific beacon manufacturer or protocol, Beacon-centric, offers Advanced Analytics and gives developer’s access to REST API – our server side.
  • Once beacons are found, the library will connect to our secure Cloud back-ends and synchronize the available beacons data. Your mobile application will be able to handle the associated data for those beacons, and will be notified in real-time when that data changes

OneBeacon recognizes the following types:

  • iBeacon and AltBeacon
  • Estimote Nearable
  • URIBeacon
  • Beacon Monitor - View all the Bluetooth beacons around you as you pass by them or stand near them
  • Generic BLE packets, even if the packets don't parse to a known type of the above solution

Find more information on OneBeacon Page.

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