Beacon Monitor

A beacon is a tiny Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy device that can be detected by a compatible smartphone device from up to 50 meters away, without any need to pair or connect to it.

  • Use the custom Android beacon detection library
  • Google Cloud as the cloud platform
  • Use OneBeacon - , the universal beacon platform that can make the app quickly interact with any type of Bluetooth Low Energy beacon.
  • DataStore for database of beacons, registered users, and other entities
  • BigQuery for big data analytics
  • Managed VM for custom MQTT broker Pub/Sub

What you get in Beacon Monitor?

  • Quickly detect and see details about any beacon around you, using the best beacon Android scanner around. No matter what iBeacon or Eddystone beacon is around you (Estimote, Kontakt, RECO, OnyxBeacon, or any other kind of model); this app will find it instantly.
  • Easily view all the details that one needs about each detected beacon, including:
    • for Physical Web (Eddystone) beacons: view the broadcasted URL or UID, and tap to open it in your browser
    • for iBeacon-compatible devices: major ID, minor ID, and Proximity UUID
    • device name and beacon proximity, updated in real-time
    • average signal strength (RSSI) during the last few seconds
    • measured power level; MAC address
    • number of RSSI samples received from the beacon over the last few seconds
    • when the beacon was last seen by the device
  • Special features: notification alert when a new beacon is found; all beacons are sorted automatically by distance; the beacon scanning is running automatically as long as the app is not manually shutdown from the running apps list.

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